Want to join a research team?

Are you a current Master’s or PhD student?

Would you like to be a part of a vibrant and engaged research team?

Reason to join:

  • Near-peer mentorship from post-doctoral scientist, and international research team
  • Networking with clinicians, microbiologists, statisticians, public health scientists
  • Learn to work in a research group
  • Secondary participation in research projects with aim of presentation and publication


  • Currently enrolled Masters/PhD students in Tanzanian university
  • Preferred study of microbiology, public health and other related sciences pertinent to tuberculosis, malnutrition and other infectious diseases or social determinants of health


  • Research groups led by post-doctoral scientists will meet once per week in person/ videoconference
  • Expectation is one year minimum of participation

This is NOT a funded position, but rather an opportunity to supplement existing training

Interested candidate should submit a maximum of one page statement describing their background training and focus of degree training. They should also describe the anticipated benefit that they will gain in participating in this programme. A maximum of 2 trainees from each level will be selected for each postdoc.

  • Requests will be considered through March, 1, 2024 for those interested in joining a Cohort 2 team

Questions? Contact: