Important Information

This GIDRTP will position postdoctoral trainees to lead a research team composed of PhD and Masters students within existing programs of shared scientific interest, and integrate UVA undergraduate students through the pandemic tested eGlobal program, while receiving supervision by a mentorship team of faculty from both the Kilimanjaro Christian Medical University College/ Kilimanjaro Clinical Research Institute (KCMUCo/KCRI) and UVA. The postdoctoral trainee’s progression through an individualized research leadership plan with modification and oversight by a Monitoring and Evaluation Committee will provide structure and rigor to accomplish the following goals:

  • Build a renewable and comprehensive training program in malnutrition related TB science in Tanzania which will train postdoctoral scientists to research leadership excellence.
  • Generate critical new knowledge in the interdependence of malnutrition and the TB disease spectrum to inform regionally specific research agendas and public health policy decisions.
  • Amplify ongoing research alliances among Tanzanian research institutes and research consortia to assist trainees at the postdoctoral stage in seeking academic advancement or research related job placement.

Example schedule of activities and expectations


The candidate must meet all of the following:

  1. Holding a relevant PhD degree delivered by an accredited university 
  2. Citizen of Tanzania
  3. Academic excellence as defined by documented performance in completed academic programs
  4. Research productivity or evidence of potential for productivity in areas relevant to malnutrition and/or TB science and based on review of Curriculum Vitae and letters of reference from prior PhD mentors/supervisors
  5. Appropriateness of match to scientific priorities of this GIDRTP based on review of applicants’ submitted research proposals (malnutrition and TB integration or cross-cutting skills are favored). See the list of mentors
  6. Commitment to applying for junior faculty positions in Tanzanian academics or equivalent research institutes to continue to develop innovative research as judged by the selection committee based on interview and institutional knowledge

Key Dates

  1. Application closes by 01/AUG/2023
  2. Selection and notification of candidates to be interviewed 01/SEPT/2023
  3. Start date for final 2 selected candidates 01/JAN/2024